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Enrollment is open now for Fall 2022. To join us, click here to submit an application for membership.  A short video may be requested to determine part assignment duties. 

The Membership Fee for the season is $60 per person.

The College Student membership fee is $25.

The members of GWS come from all walks of life to collaborate and connect with other adults in an artistic community who gather to share their passion for music with others.


Lisa Adams

Carissa Dhungana

Melissa Gibson

Corey Greenlaw

Mia Jordan

Caroline Miller

Kaelyn  Putnam

Cassidy Weber



Jordan Pennington



Janice Collins

Myah Dickerson

Caroline Gilbert

Patrick McBrayer

Bethany Petn

Lisa Ragan

Paige Sims

Neal Sulmeyer

Sarah Turner


Bass Clarinet

Mariah Andrews

Abby Russom

Tanya Underwood


Alto Saxophone

Connor Daniels

Thomas Kieffer

Morgan LaFave

Jacob Mercer

Molly Schaefer


Tenor Saxophone

James Excell

Carrie Spratt


Andrew Cole

Justin Farmer

Clayton Finlayson

Tom Miller

Rachel Ragan

Artis Staton

Michael Watanabe

Mark Weis


French Horn

Samuel Crawford

Colleen Marin

Jonathan Shaw

Tyler Smith



Taylor Brandon

Casey Eubanks

Leonard Insalaca

Edward Lindekugel

Todd Wood



Matthew Duncan

Daniel Foster

Blake Hughes

Allan Marin

Jimmy McDuffie

Tony Morris



Billy Ballard

Mike Gibson

Tyler Graham

Miriam Homiller

Sam Hutcherson

Benjamin Underwood



Matthew Baltzer

Dakota Reeves

Dennis Naughton

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